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Livin' the Dream Farm

Farm Courses and Plant sales

These courses are so much fun as well as educational.

The courses are held here, at the Farm, if you've never been, it's a great opportunity to see our land.

All courses come with an overview booklet.

You will receive a personal email before the course date with more specifics about our day.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

*Spots are limited


(This is soooo exciting for us to debut!)


*limited quantities*

Black Ice Plum Tree (2nd year growth) $55

Bing Cherry Tree (2nd year growth) $55

Plumcot Tree (2nd year growth) $55

Black Locust Tree $25

Pussy Willow Tree $25


For a more detailed description on each plant, you can view our descriptions on our local line store linked here.

Tayberry (5 year established large berry plant) $40

Logan Berry (5 year established large berry plant) $40

Josta berry $15

Red Currant $15

Black Currant $15

Black velvet Gooseberry $15

Alpine Strawberries Large $10

Thornless Blackberry $15

Raspberry $12

Lupine $8

Sedum/Stonecrop $8

Sea Buckthorn $20



-Dianthus, Sweet William

-Poppy explosion (red + pink mixed)

-Calendula Splash (5 Varieties)

-Garden of Nasturtiums (5 vining colour varieties)

-Tobacco (1000 year old seed variety)


-Straw Flowers (Yellow and red mixed)

MEDICINAL PLANTS & HERBS You can check out the write ups on our local line store to explain more about each plant New plants added weekly!

Elecampane $8 Lungwort $8 Lemon balm $8 St.Johns Wort $8 Valerian $8 Yarrow $8 Stinging Nettle $6 Sage $8 Feverfew $8 Mullein $8 Motherwort $8 Pink flowered Comfrey(rare) $10 Purple Flowered Comfrey $8 Skullcap $8

Sooke Pick up Sooke Seedy Saturday, March 25th Sooke Community Hall Info above Farm Pick up Sunday March 19th or 26th, come to the farm to pick up your order between 9am-5pm. 10069 West Coast rd. Your order will be at the second house, please park in the gravel lot.

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