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ALM Organic Farm

ALM Organic Farm is a 15 acre organic farm located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
Certified organic since 1994 (IOPA#401).
We grow outstanding produce, herbs and flowers.

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Tuesdays - 4-6PM
Saturdays - 10am-NOON

Barefoot Farm

Eggs, Farm produce

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Bountiful Bay Farm & Nursery

Plant starts, flowers, produce

Brassbell Farm

Rare and heritage breed meat raised locally with attention to the animal and the land’s unique needs. Harvested seasonally for optimal flavour and nutrition; cuts chosen to highlight an animal’s individual qualities.

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Cast Iron Farm

Cast Iron Farm is a collectively-run permaculture inspired co-operative farm. We raise pigs, sheep, chickens, and rabbits

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Croaking Frog Farm

We are a small family farm, growing fruits and veggies to feed ourselves and others in our community. We grow all of our products without​ ...

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Cross Point Farm

Located in Shirley.
Farm Eggs

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Full Circle Seeds

2021 celebrates 28 years of growing and selling seeds from our farm!
You will find among our seeds many heritage varieties selected by generations for their excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and Europe – prized by chefs from our best restaurants. All of Full Circle Seeds are grown at our farm ALM Organic Farm in Sooke and are certified by Islands Organic Producers Association.

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Greener Side Farm

The Greener Side is a sustainable small scale farm in the Shirley region. Offering vegetables with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers as well as organically-fed and ethically-raised pork

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Inish Oge Farm

InishOge (irish for “young island”) is our new old developing farm in progress here in Sooke. The farm is a small mixed organic permaculture homestead that includes veggie gardens, an old fruit orchard we are renewing, a new fruit and nut orchard we are starting, chickens, turkeys, pigs and bees.

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Livin’ the Dream Farm

We are Livin’ the Dream Farm located in Shirley, BC. We grow seasonal produce from our 1/4 acre market garden.
Our products and produce available changes weekly.
During Springtime we have a variety of trees and shrubs to offer.

- Sooke Country Market,
- Sundays - pre-ordered self serve pick up station located at our farm,
​- Salad Greens & Microgreens - Village Foods (Sooke, April 2021)


Our product line focuses on edible garden plants, native plants, and rare or unusual varieties. Our Certified Organic, Open-Pollinated seeds come from plants grown without chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. By choosing our seeds, you know that the plants are genetically strong, healthy varieties adapted for our West Coast climate and are therefore easier to grow.

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Farm stand - 8am-8pm daily

Mrs Lewers Farmhouse

Mrs. Lewers’ Farmhouse has been farming pesticide-free for 30 years. The farm has goats, chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as a Little Store with free-range eggs, vegetables, fruit in season, jams, jellies, and take-and-bake pies from their own fruit. The farm also offers fresh and dried herbs, and heritage seeds and starter plants.

Hours: Daily 7am to 6 pm.
5526 Sooke Road
Sooke, BC
V9Z 0C7

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Red Earth Farm

We are a small scale, non certified organic farm, producing high quality veggies and unique plants....

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Silver Cloud Farm

Silver Cloud Farm is a small scale farm that follows the principals of organic farming, and focuses on producing a wide array of vegetables, berries and fruit. Our goal is to grow premium quality, fresh produce that is harvested at the peak of perfection. Although the farm is a year round occupation, the primary months of selling produce are May through to the end of December.

Silver Cloud Farm is located one hour west of Victoria near Sooke, BC on the stunning West Coast of Vancouver Island.

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Markets: Sooke Country Market, Sooke Night market

Three Sisters Farm

Farm produce, eggs

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